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High quality textures at TextureVault

September 15th, 2014 · Textures · No Comments

If you are tired of looking for high quality textures to use in backgrounds, logos or any other graphic and web design Project with photoshop, TextureVault may be the solution to that problem as this site offers a incredibly wide variety of free high quality textures to download.

High quality textures at TextureVault   textures

The textures are arranged in different categories so it’s quite easy to find the textures you are looking for, but you will still have to browse a lot of textures for the exact one for your design.

Another very interesting option this site offers is the possibility to buy and sell images online, so if you like creating the textures you may find the buyers for them.

Link: texturevault


Add watermarks to an image with

September 14th, 2014 · Images · No Comments

It’s very important for graphic designers to learn how to add watermarks to their projects in order to protect them from being used without their authorization.

With you can do it quite easy, as this online application doesn’t need any installation or whatsoever to add watermarks to any image you upload, and you don’t even need design knowledge or experience as its very simple.

Add watermarks to an image with   images

But then again, by saying simple we are not saying it is not a complete application, because you have plenty of options for the watermark, including font size, font style, watermark position and watermark color among others.

With, you will be able to add easy watermarks in only three basic steps.




Create a valentine’s day e-Card

September 14th, 2014 · Tutorials · No Comments

With the coming of Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea to learn how to create a simple Valentine’s Day e-card for the one that you love, in the case you forget the present o r along with it to add some more detail to the date.

Create a valentine’s day e Card   tutorials

This tutorial with teach you how to create a very good looking Valentine’s Day card with Adobe Photoshop, and while doing it so, learning some useful photoshop techniques that can be used in an infinity of designs.

You will also know how to create brushes on your own and edit the advanced settings of brushes, so this tutorial will be helpful for sure.

Link: Valentine’s day e-card


Seamless patterns for web design

September 13th, 2014 · web design · No Comments

When building a website, the background is very important because if it is bothersome for the user, he will just leave, and if it’s well designed, he won’t notice it, directly but will keep him in your site for sure.

And Seamless Patterns are one of the best ways to keep the user interested and keep him at your website, so it may be really useful to start downloading some of this Seamless patterns for backgrounds to improve your websites.

Seamless patterns for web design   web design

There are more than one hundred patterns at the link, and they are of different styles, including vintage patterns, floral patterns, or stripped patterns, making sure there’s one just for your website.

Link: Seamless patterns for backgrounds