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Optimize gif images with GIF Optimizer

July 22nd, 2014 · Images · No Comments

GIF images are very popular in the web because of forum avatars and signatures, but also for publicity and other graphic design due to the movement and the ability of showing transparencies this image format has.

With GIF Optimizer you can make them more colorful, with more contrast or just lighter for web browsers to load them more quickly.

Optimize gif images with GIF Optimizer   images

It has a wide variety of options to optimize any gif image, not paying attention if it’s an animated gif or a gif with transparencies because it works with all gif images the same way.

A very useful application for graphic designers and web designers that are familiar with this image format.

Link: GIF Optimizer



Adobe Fireworks tutorials

July 21st, 2014 · Tutorials · No Comments

Of all the programs from the Adobe Suite pack, Adobe Fireworks is one of the least tutorialized, so it’s really hard to find Fireworks exercises and tutorials to learn how to properly use this incredibly powerful software and master its techniques.

Adobe Fireworks tutorials   tutorials

That’s why today we are sharing a whole bunch of Firework tutorials for you to start practicing and begin to exploit your creativity.

This software always gets overshadowed by Photoshop, but you can use both to achieve really impressive designs, and these tutorials will teach you how to do so and get some serious designer experience.

There are 35 Fireworks tutorials so you just have to start choosing and practicing.

Link: Fireworks tutorials


Realistic Wood tutorial

July 21st, 2014 · Photoshop · No Comments

Photoshop tutorials have new additions every day, as designers continue exploiting their creativity and share the results of it, so every designer or photo manipulation enthusiast can create some really good pieces of digital art or make a living from design.

Realistic Wood tutorial   photoshop

This tutorial will teach you in some steps how to create realistic wood with Photoshop, and the only things you will need are patience, any version of Adobe Photoshop and an image, that you can download from the link for free , but you can use any image you want.

Mastering this technique can be very useful in the future as wood is one of the most used resources in the world, so graphic designers should be knowing how to create it from starch.

Link: Photoshop Tutorial


Create fire with Adobe After Effects

July 20th, 2014 · Effects · No Comments

Adobe After Effects is a pure visual effects and design software that lets you create both static and dynamic images with some really unbelievable effects, but it’s not an easy software to master and requires lots and lots of hours of experience to make some really good creations.

Create fire with Adobe After Effects   effects

That is, unless you start practicing with high quality online tutorials and the one we are sharing today, in which you can learn how to create fire with After Effects.

As you know fire is amazing both in real life and as a graphic effect, so learning how to create it is a very good idea that can be very useful to enhance other future designs and projects.

Link: Creating Fire